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My page was last updated Nov. 17, 2014

Hi,I made this page because I'm a big Penguins fan.I started following hockey ever since I saw Lemieux Play.My goal with this page is to give every fact about the team that I can.

The reason for the mutant in my header is I am also a big Resident Evil fan.The mutants name is Nemesis,hence the name of my page.

Metropolitan Division Team W L OTL GF GA PTS.
Pittsburgh Penguins 12 3 1 60 35 25
New York Rangers 7 6 4 49 53 18
Columbus Blue Jackets 6 10 1 44 59 13
New Jersey Devils 8 8 2 46 53 18
Washington Capitals 7 7 3 50 49 17
Carolina Hurricanes 5 9 3 37 51 13
New York Islanders 11 6 0 54 50 22
Philiphilthia Cryers 7 7 2 51 53 16

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