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Team leaders,goals Mario Lemieux 85,Assists Mario Lemieux 114 Points Mario Lemieux 199,GAA Tom Barrasso 4.04,Wins Tom Barrasso 18,Shutouts none

Team leaders,goals Mario Lemieux 45,Assists Mario Lemieux 78 Points Mario Lemieux 123,GAA Wendell Young 4.17,Wins Wendell Young 16,Shutouts Wendell Young 1

1990,91:41-33-6:Patrick Division Champs
Team leaders,goals Mark Recchi 40,Assists Mark Recchi 73
Points Mark Recchi 113,GAA Tom Barrasso 3.59,Wins Tom Barrasso 27,Shutouts Tom Barrasso 1

Team leaders,goals Kevin Stevens 54,Assists Mario Lemieux 87 Points Mario Lemieux 131,GAA Tom Barrasso 3.53,Wins Tom Barrasso 22,Shutouts Tom Barrasso 1

1992,93:56-21-7:Patrick Division Champs
Team leaders,goals Mario Lemieux 69,Assists Mario Lemieux 91 Points Mario Lemieux 160,GAA Tom Barrasso 3.01,Wins Tom Barrasso 43,Shutouts Tom Barrasso 4

1993,94:44-27-13:Northeast Division Champs
Team leaders,goals Kevin Stevens 41,Assists Jaromir Jagr 67
Points Jaromir Jagr 99,GAA Tom Barrasso 3.36,Wins Tom Barrasso 22,Shutouts Tom Barrasso 2

Team leaders,goals Jaromir Jagr 32,Assists Ron Francis 48
Points Jaromir Jagr 70,GAA Ken Wregget 3.21,Wins Ken Wregget 25,Shutouts none

1995,96:49-29-4:Northeast Division Champs
Team leaders,goals Mario Lemieux 69,Assists Mario Lemieux, Ron Francis 92 Points Mario Lemieux 161,GAA Ken Wregget 3.24,Wins Tom Barrasso 29,Shutouts Ken Wregget 3

Team leaders,goals Mario Lemieux 50,Assists Mario Lemieux 72 Points Mario Lemieux 122,GAA Patrick LaLime 2.94,Wins Patrick Lalime 21,Shutouts Patrick Lalime 3

1997,98:40-24-18:Northeast Division Champs
Team leaders,goals Jaromir Jagr 35,Assists Jaromir Jagr 67
Points Jaromir Jagr 102,GAA Peter Skudra 1.83,Wins Tom Barrasso 31,Shutouts Tom Barrasso 7

Team leaders,goals Jaromir Jagr 44,Assists Jaromir Jagr 83
Points Jaromir Jagr 127,GAA J.S.Aubin 2.22,Wins Tom Barrasso 19,Shutouts Tom Barrasso 4