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Wheeling Hockey History

The East Coast Hockey League began play in the 1988-89 season with five teams. The league, now known as the ECHL, has been in operation for 17 seasons and had 28 teams for the 2004-2005 season. One of the original teams from its inaugural season, the Carolina Thunderbirds, relocated to Wheeling for the 1992-93 season and has been a fixture in the city for 13 years.

The first four years in Wheeling, the team was known as the Wheeling Thunderbirds. In the summer of 1996 the team changed its name to the Wheeling Nailers. The 2005-2006 season marked the tenth anniversary of the name change and the 14th year of professional hockey in Wheeling, the fourth longest tenure in one city in league history.

The team and city have enjoyed great success in the last 13 years. Wheeling has won the Brabham Cup for best regular season record twice, advanced to the finals in the post season once and has appeared in the playoffs in seven of its 13 seasons in Wheeling.

Wheeling has had several high profile coaches in its history. Doug Sauter, who moved to Wheeling with the team, has won more games than anyone in team history. Larry Kish and Tom McVie who had NHL experience before coming to Wheeling followed in the coaching ranks. Peter Laviolette began his coaching career in Wheeling and has since advanced to become a head coach in the NHL. Alain Lemieux, brother of NHL great Mario Lemieux and John Brophy, one of only two men with over 1,000 career wins as a professional coach also stood behind the Wheeling bench. The Nailers are currently led by Pat Bingham, second on the teams win list after just two season behind the bench and the 2004 ECHL Coach of the Year.

Binghams ECHL Coach of the Year honor is just one of several league awards that Wheeling has acquired. Vadin Slivchenko was named Most Valuable Player in 1995. The Rookie of the Year in 1996 went to Wheelings Keli Corpse. And after the most recent season, Ray DiLauro was named Defenseman of the Year.

The Wheeling membership also prides itself on leading the league in sending more players to the NHL than any other membership in league history. The membership had advanced 25 players to the NHL, 21 from Wheeling. Some of those that have played in the ECHL and later the NHL are David Aebischer, Francis Bouillon, Martin Brochu, Andy Chiodo, Marc Lamothe, Marquis Mathieu, Darcy Verot, Terry Virtue and Tomas Vokoun.

With a new lease between the Nailers and WesBanco Arena, professional hockey will remain in Wheeling for several years to come.

Team Leaders Goals Daren Schwartz 62,Assists Devin Edgerton 71,Points Devin Edgerton 117,GAA Rod Houk 2.97,Wins Francis Ouellette 24,SO Francis Ouellette 2

Team Leaders Goals Daren Schwartz 54,Assists Tim Roberts 58,Points Daren Schwartz 92,GAA Bill Horn 2.80,Wins Brett Able 22,SO Brett Able 1

Team Leaders Goals Derek DeCosty 41,Assists Tim Roberts 58,Points Derek DeCosty,Vadim Slivchenko 76,GAA John Bradley 2.62,Wins Geoff Finch 26,SO Geoff Finch 2

Team Leaders Goals Steve Gibson 42,Assists Keli Corpse 62,Points Steve Gibson 95,GAA Sonny Mignacca 2.00,Wins Tomas Vokoun 20,SO Geoff Finch,Tomas Vokoun 2

Team Leaders Goals John Varga 56,Assists Eric Royal 61,Points John Varga 101,GAA John Tanner 3.76,Wins Olie Sundstrom 23,SO Mike Minard,Olie Sundstrom 3

Team Leaders Goals Mike Latendresse 30,Assists Mike Latendresse 45,Points Mike Latendresse 75,GAA David Brumby 2.85,Wins David Brumby 15,SO David Brumby 2

Team Leaders Goals Daren Schwartz 27,Assists Daren Schwartz 29,Points Daren Schwartz 56,GAA David Brumby 3.07,Wins Luciano Caravaggio 16,SO Luciano Caravaggio 3

Team Leaders Goals Curtis Wilgosh 20,Assists Curtis Millar 31,Points Derik Smith 47,GAA Trevor Prior 3.27,Wins Pascal
Gasse 13,SO Trevor Prior 2

Team Leaders Goals Alexei Podalinski 20,Assists Jamie O'Leary 40,Points Jamie O'Leary 56,GAA Joel Laing 2.87,Wins Joel Laing 17,SO Joel Laing 1

Team Leaders Goals Dylan Gyori 31,Assists Mike Hurley 48,Points Dylan Gyori 73,GAA Joel Laing 2.77,Wins Joel Laing 20,SO Joel Laing 2

Team Leaders Goals Zenon Konopka 22,Assists Zenon Konopka 48,Points Zenon Konopka 70,GAA Mike Valley 3.22,Wins Mike Valley 16,SO Mike Valley 4

Team Leaders Goals Jason Jaffray 37,Assists Eduard Pershin 58,Points Jason Jaffray,Eduard Pershin 74,GAA Tyler McKay 2.24,Wins Nick Boucher 20,SO Nick Boucher,Tyler McKay 4

Team Leaders Goals Ed McGrane 27,Assists Ray DiLauro 40,Points Ed McGrane 63,GAA Dany Sabourin 1.67,Wins Dany Sabourin 19,SO Dany Sabourin 5

Team Leaders Goals Curtis Mclean 31,Assists Sean Collins 49,Points Sean Collins 76,GAA Andy Franck 2.28,Wins Andy Franck 33,SO Andy Franck 5

Team Leaders Goals Jordan Cameron 28,Assists Sean Collins 49,Points Sean Collins 76,GAA Andy Frank 3.24,Wins Andy Franck 27,SO Andy Franck 3

Team Leaders Goals Kevin Croxton 22,Assists Sean Collins 41,Points Sean Collins 56,GAA David Brown 3.31 ,Wins David Brown 6 ,SO none

2008,09 36-28-8 Team Leaders Goals:Bryan Ewing 43 Assists:Bryan Ewing,Jordan Morrison 48 Points Bryan Ewing 91 GAA David Brown 3.06 Wins Curtis Darling 21
2009,10 33-32-7 Team Leaders Goals:Thomas Beauregard 34 Assists:Mitch Ganzak 40 Points TJ Fox 60 GAA Bobby Jarosz 1.00 Wins Adam Berkhoel 12
2010,11 38-29-5 Team Leaders Goals:Nick Petersen,Brent Street, 24 Assists:Nick Petersen 33 Points Nick Petersen 57 GAA Peter Delmas 2.03 Wins Patrick Killeen 19
2011,12 37-26-9 Team Leaders Goals:Chris Barton 29 Assists:Andrew Hotham 36 Points:Chris Barton 60 GAA Peter Delmas 2.50 Wins Patrick Killeen 19
2012,13 31-29-12 Team Leaders Goals:Chris Barton,Paul Crowder 23 Assists:Paul Crowder 39 Points:Paul Crowder, 62 GAA Peter Delmas 2.72 Wins Peter Delmas 15
2013,14 39-27-6 Team Leaders Goals:Cody Sylvester 24 Assists:Sahir Gill 41 Points:Sahir Gill 54 GAA Kieran Millan 1.75 Wins Mike Condon 23
2014,15 5-5-0 Team Leaders Goals:Riley Brace 6 Assists:Riley Brace 10 Points:Riley Brace 16 GAA Jeff Wyer 3.00 Wins Franky Palazzese 5