Season Standings And Stats 2010-15

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Season Standings And Stats 2010-15
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2010,11 49-25-8

Team Leaders Goals:Sidney Crosby 32 Assists:Kris Letang 42 Points:Sidney Crosby 66 GAA:Brent Johnson 2.17 Wins:Marc-Andre Fleury 36 SO:Marc-Andre Fleury 3

2011,12 51-25-6

Team Leaders Goals:Evgeni Malkin 50 Assists:Evgeni Malkin 59 Points:Evgeni Malkin 109 GAA:Marc-Andre Fleury 2.36 Wins:Marc-Andre Fleury 42 SO:Marc-Andre Fleury 3

2012,13 36-12-0 Atlantic Division Champs

Team Leaders Goals:Chris Kunitz 22 Assists:Sidney Crosby 41 Points:Sidney Crosby 56 GAA:Marc-Andre Fleury 2.39 Wins:Marc-Andre Fleury 23 SO:Tomas Vokoun 3

2013,14 51-24-7 Metropolitan Division Champs

Team Leaders Goals:Sidney Crosby 36 Assists:Sidney Crosby 68 Points:Sidney Crosby 104 GAA:Marc-Andre Fleury 2.37 Wins:Marc-Andre Fleury 39 SO:Marc-Andre Fleury 5

2014,15 12-3-1

Team Leaders Goals:Sidney Crosby,Evgeni Malkin 7 Assists:Sidney Crosby 18 Points:Sidney Crosby 25 GAA:Marc-Andre Fleury 1.90 Wins:Marc-Andre Fleury 10 SO:Marc-Andre Fleury 3

Regular Season Record combined Nov. 17,2014 W L T GF GA
1,887 1,798 400 13,052 13,413